Successful advertising and marketing in a Brexit world

The chaos of Brexit and concerns about data security are creating feelings of unease and a lack of trust among consumers. It’s an issue that businesses need to urgently address according to a recent report ‘Arresting The Decline Of Public Trust In UK Advertising’.

Here are five ways to improve trust in your brand:

Be authentic

These days, consumers want to know about the people behind the business as well as their brand ethos. So, tell the story of why you started your business and how it’s grown. Talk about the people who are apart of your business and how they are involved in helping with client’s individual specific requirements. Whether it involves website design and build, key word rich content copy writing, social media streaming or database building and management, make sure that your clients know that, whatever their marketing requirements, your team has a specialist at every turn.

Provide proof

Publish reviews, testimonials and case studies on your website to show real-life evidence of your expertise and success. Remember potential clients want to know not just who you work with but how you have helped guide them to the success in marketing their brand.

Be transparent

Allow people to see how you operate. For example this could mean a video of a workshop or listing all the ingredients in a product. Never hide important details in small print.

Help your clients understand how you achieve results by guiding them through the various marketing processes. For example, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and getting their website on page 1 of Google, showing their ranking improvements through Serplab and engaging them in how search term specific content can help improve ranking in a matter of months.

Be tangible

To build credibility, many businesses are returning to printed media such as press and direct mail. Research from the DMA finds that 56% of people regard mail as trustworthy, while only 28% trust emails.

But does direct mail work? Yes, it does but it is a highly specialist medium and results are dependent on the quality of the mailing list, timing, budget, offers and incentives, and the quality of the creative ideas, execution and the ability to deliver and follow up on results.

Be consistent

In times of uncertainty, people are reassured by consistency. Always create messaging and content that reflects and reinforces your values and make sure it sounds like you and is the same in every channel. Whether it is as a case study or a latest news piece for a website, a story on Facebook, a Tweet or YouTube video, be creative but consistent in your approach. Maximise the delivery on the media channel you are using and employ best practice in all that you produce.

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