Social Media

Social Media

Raising awareness and expanding your network with Social Media

We can help you maximise the effectiveness of your Social media, whether you are launching new products, creating selling opportunities, attracting new clients or increasing brand awareness.

Two Lizards will help you discover how to use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms to connect with customers, build your social presence and grow your business.

Social Media services include:

Social Media Strategy and Planning

The common mistake many businesses make is not having a social media strategy or plan. It doesn’t have to take days to put together, as social media changes quickly, but it should incorporate what you’d like to achieve, how social media will support business and marketing goals, and measurement.

The starting point is to understand your business goals and then decide how social media will support you achieving that. We can write you a plan to include objectives, a content calendar and suggested ways to measure success.

Social Media Content

Content marketing is the new buzzword on the block, but it really is just about sending out information that your target audience wants or needs to hear.

It can be a mix of rational, interesting, behind the scenes, emotional, nostalgic, how to’s, etc but most needs to be suitable to your business and real.

The key with social media is in being human and reaching out to people. Inviting people to submit their own content is one of the best ways of getting engagement and participation on social media.

There are no right ways to send content, or ‘right’ content to send, it’s more important that you match your audiences needs, that it’s consistent, and meets your overall objectives.

Social Media Management

Social media can contribute to business success yet many companies are still overlooking its importance. Social media is about time, and if you’re not putting in effective, consistent time, then it won’t work for you.

You may already have a great looking website and provide a fantastic service but unless you engage in effective social media networking, your potential customers are simply not going to find you, or be able to share what you do. Social networking is essential for traffic generation to your site and requires expert social media management in order to do it right.

It might sound easy to handle your social media yourself, but effective social media management is time consuming and requires careful handling. These days your social media management team is a vital part of your marketing channel strategy.