promote your B2B brand on LinkedIn

It’s time to promote your B2B brand on LinkedIn

The recent launch of LinkedIn’s new community for B2B marketers signals the platform’s growing importance for B2B brands. With 830 million members and 58 million registered companies, LinkedIn offers your business a huge pool of potential customers. 40% of users access…

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Digital and Print – the perfect marketing mix?

Digital marketing which uses online platforms to publish promotional content, continues to grow in importance and formats. Digital marketing tools can include banner ads, email, social media posts, blogs, video, podcasts and more. But what about Direct marketing in the…

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Creating great email newsletters to boost business

An email newsletter is a powerful and personal way to connect regularly and directly with your customers. When done well, email newsletters can grow your business, increase trust in your brand, and keep your products or services front of mind whenever…

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Strong branding for your business

Having a brand that says the right things to the right people is a vital asset for any business. Your website is an important part of your brand too, and it’s often the first interaction a customer has with your…

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What makes an effective website?

An effective website is up to date, easy to use and informative. If users find your site is slow, outdated or difficult to browse, they’ll go elsewhere. In this guide, we’ve listed ten key elements for what makes an effective…

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Digital marketing trends you need to know

Each year, the world of digital marketing grows ever more complex. NFTs, Instagram Reels, the Metaverse are all recent developments. However, we think the following five most compelling digital marketing trends are the ones you need to know about to…

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Make your website more accessible

Is your website accessible and easy to use by anyone, anytime, anywhere? Web accessibility is important for everyone. Yet many websites can be difficult to use. 1 in 5 people have a disability and any one of us might have…

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Get ready for Core Web Vitals

Introducing Core Web Vitals, Google’s new ranking factors This spring, Google is rolling out Core Web Vitals, a new set of ranking factors which evaluate the type of experience people have when they visit your website. This is because Google…

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Is digital marketing key to boosting your business after lockdown?

Many businesses are still unable to operate fully due to the Government Covid-19 restrictions. And it may be tempting to simply “shut up shop” to save on costs and wait until you can sell your services again. However, lockdown is…

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