Website design, copywriting and editing

Claude Clémaron

Website design, copywriting and editing

As a marketing-led agency, our approach to website design, copywriting, content and editing always takes the sale of your products or services as its starting point. We then use our many years of skill and experience in creating a website design that’s right for your business, making the best possible use of your budget and approaching your new site (however big or small) with real creativity. Here are some aspects of our approach to website design, website copywriting, website content and website editing you may find interesting, and which are not always available from other agencies.

Website design that attracts and engages visitors

Whether the client comes to us with an established brand or wants brand development as part of the project, we always use their website design to project a fresh, original and strongly branded take on their business and ensure every aspect of the website design reflects the brand – from the home page to the Contact details. We also spend time with our clients creating a site map that takes visitors as quickly and simply as possible to the content that will interest them. Most important of all, we use the website design to excite and inspire the visitor, making optimal use of photography where possible and often combining it with case histories and blogs to powerful effect.

Persuasive website copywriting that generates sales leads

Is website copywriting all about SEO and keywords? No, of course it isn’t. As you would expect, we are skilled at researching and using keywords and phrases and begin every website copywriting project with a market and competitor analysis leading to key words/phrases recommendations. We discuss these with our clients before the website copywriting process begins. But beyond that, we are skilled at using website copywriting to excite visitors, leading them from the home page further into the site and quickly to the information they are looking for. We use our direct marketing skills to get their attention, generate interest, to demonstrate how the product or service works and prompt them to take action, via a click or telephone call. All within the parameters of the brand – so the tone is friendly, businesslike, elite … whatever the brand qualities demand.

Interesting, constantly-changing, keyword-rich website content

Fundamentally, site visitors and Google are both looking for the same thing and that is interesting and relevant website content. We work with our clients to ensure the generation of such website content is an ongoing process, with a combination of news, blogs, social media feeds, features and detailed information pages – often using them in creative combinations to draw site visitors in, maintain rankings and quality page ratings. We believe quality website content means staying in touch with what our clients are doing and what is happening in their industry – something we are successful at, and enjoy.

Skilled website editing that gives clients the best of both worlds

When website subjects are highly specialist or technical, we often work with our clients, editing copy or content they have drafted to ensure it is accessible, clear and right for the website, as well as editing key words and phrases into the website content for optimisation. We frequently edit website content they have supplied for blogs and news features, education pages or specialist, detailed content. Where relevant we agree a schedule of new website content, prompting our clients when it is needed, editing it into shape and posting it on the site to ensure regularly changing new and engaging material that’s also excellent ‘Google food’ – a perfect circle that achieves great results. Take a look at this project which demonstrates our skills in website design, copywriting, content and editing.