Grow your business online

88% of UK adults go online to search for goods and services, and one in ten people only use a smart phone to do it, according to Ofcom. That’s why it’s so important to a strong online presence and a mobile-friendly website. Here’s some valuable tips on what to do to grow your business online.

Test and update your website 

Well-designed, secure and easy-to-use websites drive the most conversions. Broken links, out of date site map and slow-loading pages affect a site’s ranking, losing visitors. So, keep a check on your site’s performance across different web and mobile browsers and ensure it is responsive and complies with the latest web standards. If you use platforms such as WordPress, you have access to a variety of tools to improve the performance of your website.

Deliver high-quality content

Creating high-quality content is important whether it’s a landing page, blog or a product description, it’s about engaging the audience and giving them what they need: information. This information needs to be delivered in a way that keeps readers connected and keeping the language easy to absorb.

Another important aspect of content is making sure it is factually correct. Always base your content on evidence you can collaborate with other sources. As we live in an age where “fake news” is frequently mentioned, make sure your business is seen as a legitimate source and viewed as an authoritative figure. Authority works to improve brand reputation as well as search engine ranking.

Use SEO to attract visitors

Generate new leads with search engine optimisation (SEO) to get your website ranked high on the first page of Google. First place is said to receive 32.5% of clicks, second place gets 17.6%, and seventh spot goes down to 3.5%. This ranking is especially important if your business needs to attract ‘one off’ or irregular transactions or if you want them to contact you via the website. 

Share your values

Create a strong ‘Home’ or ‘About’ page that explains your company story and what your business stands for to boost your credibility. Read five more ways to improve trust in your brand.

Ensure your customer data is accurate

Use data capture tools to avoid misspelled, incorrect or important missing details. For instance AddressNow Capture finds and validates UK addresses to eliminate mistakes caused by manual entry. Your database can become inaccurate when customers change jobs, get married or move home. Email bounce-backs are a sign of out-of-date information. You should take steps to update or remove these contacts straight away.

Communicate with your customers

Ask for feedback and respond to emails and social media posts. Showing you’re interested in what clients or customers have to say will make them more likely to recommend you. Keep in contact with buyers after they’ve made a purchase too. Use email and direct marketing to build a relationship with them, earn their trust and keep you front of mind for any future business or recommendations.

Be more social

Establish a presence on the social platforms your target audience uses, and regularly post relevant and compelling content that fits your marketing strategy. The number of times you should post content on social media varies for businesses. While some find it successful to do five or more a week, others do well with just one. The point is you need to be active if you want attention from your target audience. And remember post content that your audience will want to read

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