How is your website performing?

Does your website perform well in the Google rankings? As the number of websites continue to grow, only those which are mobile-friendly, well-protected and quick to load with useful and engaging content will succeed. This is why you need to regularly monitor and adjust your website strategy to keep up with the latest regulations and trends, like these:

Have a ‘mobile first’ website

People are increasingly browsing the internet on phones and tablets. That’s why Google prioritises mobile-friendly sites when indexing. So, you need to ensure your web pages work well on all devices, especially mobile.

Be secure and compliant

After a year many websites still aren’t GDPR compliant. Consent is a key part of GDPR legislation. This means you need to seek permission to collect personal data and explain how you plan to use that data and how it can be removed. That personal data must be encrypted too. You should also publish an up to date cookie policy – if you use website analytics you have cookies!

Have fast-loading pages

How fast the content on your pages loads will affect your rankings and your website visitors’ experience. When pages take longer than a few seconds to load, bounce rates will be high as people won’t wait to view your content.

Increase traffic from social media

Amplify your website content on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Great content gets shared and will help to expand your audience, create new leads and build your credibility as a business.

Focus on the user experience through brand sentiment

Brand sentiment measures the general attitude consumers have towards your brand or product which can be viewed in a “positive” or “negative” way. So when designing a website focus on the user experience with Social Media mentions to share content and resolve issues and online reviews using platforms such as Yelp or Trip Advisor.

A website that follows best practice boosts business

Let Two Lizards’ website experts ensure your site is secure, compliant and easy to use on any device. We specialise in creating effective websites for local growing businesses in Surrey and Sussex. Please contact us online or call 01403 731028.