A guide to boosting your website content for the Search Engines

Do you want to attract more customers to your website but don’t know where to start or think it is all just too complicated? It is quite simple – you need high quality, SEO-friendly website content and plenty of it.

Because the goal of a search engine is to provide users with information that best matches their search query, carefully researched key word content is of utmost importance in order for a website be found. To determine a website page’s usefulness, search engine algorithms will assess the quality and freshness of that content based on the most used search terms.

You need to make sure your website content is:


Update your website regularly with new, useful, interesting information and content. You could do this by focusing on different aspects of your service. For instance, an interior designer could publish articles about storage, colour trends or lighting. Also look at your competitors’ sites, especially those ranked higher in the search engines, and consider how you could make your content even more engaging and informative

On trend

Create content based on the latest popular topics. Research what people are currently interested in and make sure your content meets their needs. If your site still shows news of the last year or highlights the product that you launched several months ago, you’re going to look stale. Readers want to know your business is active and up to date.


Tailor your content to reach your specific audience(s). For example, if you are a physiotherapist, you might target runners with an article about shin splints and how physiotherapy can help. Having articles that answer people’s particular needs will secure you a higher ranking.


You don’t always need to come up with brand new content. Edit older posts and page content and update them with new links, new information or extra visual content such as an instructional how-to graphic (infographic).


Keyword research discovers the phrases customers use in their searches online; such as “Surrey reflexologist for swollen feet.” The more relevant your content is based on the most popular search terms for your product or service, the more visible and higher ranked your website will be. The key to success is good copywriting. Just remember that the keywords should appear naturally in your text and not seem out of context or too repetitive.


To keep readers clicking, scrolling and reading more, add:

  • Lists
  • Original photos (that are relevant to the text)
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Quizzes or surveys
  • Thought-provoking questions
  • Stories
  • Examples
  • Helpful tips
  • Live links to other relevant topics.


Make sure your content is accurate, legal and trustworthy. You can do this by using original research, quotations, reviews, links and case studies. Author profiles and real-life testimonials will also boost your site’s reputation. And make sure your content is well written. Readers are put off by spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Ready to improve your ranking and grow your business through better content?

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