SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is simply the process by which a website is made as attractive to Google, your potential and existing customers, as possible. This magic 3 is important because they go hand in hand. If SEO is effective (and goes on being effective month on month, year on year) Google will rank your site above those with less effective SEO, potential customers will find your site more easily and existing clients will revisit your site. As the number of visitors to your site is a factor Google takes into account, this in turn can further boost your rankings and the magic circle continues.

A practical and sales-focused SEO approach

With roots in direct marketing we believe this activity is only meaningful if it translates into click-throughs from the contact page, resulting in leads and sales. This means focusing on attracting the right type of visitors and for this reason our SEO research is always thorough, probing and painstaking. Where many agencies, faced with working out SEO for a new local gym will click ‘best keywords for gym websites’ and paste the results into your SEO report, we to use our experience and expertise look at your search term and SEO requirements from a number of angles.

As well as considering search terms suggested by Google, we discuss your views on the type of searches you think your customers are using. We look at what is working for your competitors. We consider questions, since many search terms are expressed as a need. And we analyse the geographical reach and potential reach of your business. Is it local? If so, how local? Does it have nationwide appeal? Where are current customers/clients based and why?

Finally, as the conclusion to the SEO report, we make recommendations for building into your site a finite number of key words and search terms which we will then revisit and analyse for effectiveness. The list has to balance realism with ambition: there is no point in focusing on search terms that are too broad or where the competition is too fierce.

SEO as the key to all your digital marketing activity

From this initial SEO report the navigation, search engine optimisation of the site as we build it and the detail of the content all flow, with a logic and focus that creates a firm foundation for future site development. We also ensure that this focus informs any digital marketing activity linked to the website: emailings, social media and local business listings for example.

In this way we can measure the effect of your SEO, continually fine tune and improve it and gradually broaden the scope of search terms that make your digital marketing activity work.

See the results of our SEO approach for yourself

You can read more about Two Lizards’ SEO and search term/key words research here and here. And if you would like to find out how our approach to search engine optimisation benefits our clients – and can go on helping to produce leads and sales – check out this case study. But there’s nothing like a conversation to get the ball rolling. To find out how our exacting and experienced approach to SEO can help your business, why not contact us now or call us on 01306 621001.