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Valentine’s Day Special – Seven ways to woo new customers

Love to attract more customers to your website? Try these seven quick wins… 1. Know your perfect customer It’s easier to acquire new customers if you can identify the type of person you want to target. Remember being a ‘Jack of all Trades’ makes you a master of nothing. Be focused on the type of […]

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The seven deadly sins of website design and development

We look at the seven deadly sins of website design that can effect your business and drive customers away. 1. Frustratingly slow People prefer to browse fast sites. If your website takes more than a few seconds to load, you will lose visitors and revenue. So, make speed a priority. A faster-loading website will increase […]

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It’s Halloween: Don’t get trapped in a terrible client agency relationship

Beware of these common client agency relationship horrors… Feeling lost and not getting anywhere To make progress you need to stick to clear, measurable and realistic goals. Facing nasty surprises Don’t be scared to talk about money. Be upfront with each other about budgets, rates and costs. Being kept in the dark The trick is […]

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