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Data versus creativity: which side are you on?

The argument over which is more important – data or creativity – has been raging for decades. Marketing data expert, Nigel Grimes, Director at Anaylin, shares his unique right brain/left brain perspective on the data versus creativity debate. There is still a big divide between marketers who feel data has no role to play in […]

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Why Direct Mail is… personal

It has your name on it, and a great campaign can really hit your sensory buttons. Here, seven business gurus give us an insight into why they love direct mail for its unique, personal touch. ‘People say direct mail is dead. Tell my son, whom I’ve been staying with for the last week in Brooklyn. […]

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Winning local business loyalty with CLM (Cause Related Loyalty Marketing).

Since 2011 Charities and Causes have been suffering reduced levels of support due to the economic downturn and reduced Government funding. Across the same period businesses have been similarly affected. Yes, by the same economic effects but also by trade increasingly disappearing on line, and/or to new fleet-of-foot competitors who have moved in with lower […]

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