Making blogging an effective part of your business strategy: a practical web development service from Two Lizards

What does the word ‘blogger’ suggest to you? Often we think of fixated individuals feverishly sharing every aspect of their pet subject with a group of dedicated followers. Or, at the other end of the scale, lone bloggers wearily pushing out news no-one reads about a subject no-one is interested in.

The truth is that in marketing terms, a blog is a simple and convenient way to tell an almost unlimited audience about your business, its products or services, news about your sector or simply comment about matters of relevance, in a format which Google recognises as ‘news’.

By making space for a blog on your website you are also creating a process for the regular generation of relevant, interesting and frequently-changing content, which is a fundamental of good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

You could do this yourself but many of our clients ask us to write their blogs for them. This not only guarantees that their blogs are actually posted on a regular basis but also ensures that they work as an effective and strategic marketing tool. This is a highly skilled process and has many aspects but here are just three ways Two Lizards creates effective and responsive blogs:

We make your blogging part of your key word strategy

We keep a close eye on your SEO, analysing which search terms are working for you, which aren’t and which could benefit from a ‘push’, usually adapting and re-prioritising your search terms with every SEO report we produce. We reflect this in our blog content, often ensuring key words in your blog appear in new content elsewhere on your site so there’s a Google ‘double whammy’.

We research and suggest subjects to ensure your blogs are topical

Trends in your industry, relevant national news, a celebrity endorsement, new buzzwords, new legislation … these are all useful hooks on which to hang a blog and ensure you are part of wider news audience. That way you are more likely to enjoy the multiplier effect of shares and likes.

We ensure your achievements get the credit they deserve

How many times has your company won a new piece of business, developed a new product or achieved industry recognition … yet you have failed to tell your clients or potential customers? With a blog to be written every fortnight or every month, we will ensure it never happens again. If you have the news (and ideally pics or video clips too), we will ensure it’s written up and in front of your clients as well as being shared with colleagues and potential customers.

You could do all this yourself, of course, but how many successful businesses have time to do it in a timely and effective way?

With regular blogging from Two Lizards your news works as an integral element of your marketing strategy from the word go, helping bring you leads and customers and keep your existing clients loyal and interested in your progress.

If you are interested in our blog service or any other aspect of our marketing, why not start the discussion today?