Claude Clémaron

Bespoke fitted furniture for superior interiors

Claude Clémaron

Project Background

Claude Clémaron Bespoke Wood Interiors is a firm of cabinetmakers based in Sussex. They specialise in creating luxury fitted furniture for homes and workplaces. They operate in a highly competitive market with many players, from big brand names and retailers to regional and local carpenters and furniture makers.

Two Lizards were hired to transform Claude Clémaron’s existing website, to set the firm apart from the competition, boost rankings and attract new clients. Bespoke fitted furniture is considerably more expensive than off the shelf solutions, so the website needed to clearly demonstrate the benefits and value of investing in a high quality, handcrafted product.

As well as our brand design, web development expertise and copywriting skills Two Lizards was hired for our local knowledge of Sussex and Surrey, which would enable us to create an insightful and appropriate SEO strategy for them.

Claude Clémaron

Our Solution

The Two Lizards creative team refreshed the brand look and feel and produced new copy with a distinctive new tone of voice reflecting the company’s personal approach and expertise in this luxury sector. This was translated into a stylish, aspirational website designed to appeal to a discerning target audience. We made handcrafted luxury feel approachable with simple, transitioning navigation that allows users to explore fitted furniture for their entire home or workplace with ease.

To generate traffic and engagement we are continually adding relevant and aspirational content to inspire and educate customers and keep the website fresh and high ranking.