Website design, copywriting, content and editing: why our sales-led approach means better results for your business

With our roots in marketing (and, in particular, direct marketing, where every sale matters), we start every website project by considering the marketing needs of the business. That means creating a website that not only has the right look, navigation and structure for the needs of your business, but presents it in a fresh, engaging and creative way – from the design of the home page to the last detail of content and copy. We are proud of the results we have achieved and are happy to share some features of our website design, copywriting, content and editing service.

Website design that hooks in the visitor and keeps them clicking

Whether a client has a fully developed brand, or needs us to develop a brand in tandem with their new website, we always approach their brand identity in a fresh and effective way, creating a website design that excites visitors and draws them further into the site, helping them find the information they need as quickly as possible … leading them through a process of reassurance via case histories and further information to the point where they email or call you. From the home page to Contact, every page counts in this process.

Sales-led website copywriting that persuades visitors to buy

When approaching website copywriting, optimisation (SEO) and key words and phrases are, of course, extremely important. We start every website copywriting assignment by carrying out detailed research into the client’s competition and sales environment, making specific recommendations which we then discuss before we write a word. However, equally important is the process by which website copy is used to inform, excite and persuade visitors, helping them gather the information they need, reassuring them they have made the right choice, nudging them towards making contact with your business and becoming a quality lead. And all, of course, in a way that fits your brand image – whether it is fun, serious, uber-professional, caring …

Engaging and up to the minute website content

Both Google and your visitors want the same thing from your website content – they want it to be meaningful and useful to them, frequently changing (if they are regular visitors) and above all, interesting. We work hard with our clients to ensure there is a regular flow of quality, continually updated website content, often using information in a combination of situations (blog, news, product or service detail pages) to optimise the content and get best value from any news or innovation. That means staying in constant contact with the client’s business and marketplace – something that comes as part of the service at Two Lizards.

Specialist website editing that’s there when you need it

Some clients ask us to write every word of their website copy and content. But where a subject is especially technical, or the client wants to put their own stamp on the web content, we are happy to edit their draft to fit the brand and the communication needs of the website. In many cases this works well when it come to news, social media feeds or blogs. We set up a schedule for adding regular new content to the website and the client supplies notes or even simply bullet points, which we then polish and edit, inserting key words and phrases as appropriate. It’s an approach that works perfectly where competition for rankings and referrals is intense because it allows for flexibility of subject matter: where a particular product or service is new and in demand, new pages and postings can focus on it and steal a march on the client’s competitors.

Like to know more? We would be happy to give you an expert opinion on your website design, copy, content or editing. Simply contact us now or call 01403 731028.