Two Lizards supports Plastic Free July 2019

Plastic-Free-July-2019Plastic Free July 2019 is a global movement to help people reduce plastic pollution, which is causing severe and increasing harm to our oceans.

Since Two Lizards started participating in Plastic Free July 2019, the team has been thinking of different ways we can reduce our reliance on plastic. We’ve been using reusable shopping bags and cups for a while, but now we’re trying to avoid even more unnecessary plastic.

Here are 10 things we’re going to do:

  1. Carry reusable natural cotton bags – why not customise with your logo?
  2. Enjoy ice cream cones – the perfect plastic-free packaged treat!
  3. Choose wine bottled in glass with natural cork stoppers
  4. Switch to bars of soap instead of liquid soap
  5. Try beeswax wraps instead of cling film
  6. Make our own tomato ketchup and keep in a glass jar
  7. Avoid plastic pens and use pencils or a fountain pen
  8. Take our empty containers to Horsham Repair Café and fill up with whole foods and cleaning products.
  9. Give up bottled waterGet a reusable stainless steel bottle (Klean Kanteen has just come out with a completely plastic-free water bottle) or stainless steel travel mug, fill it up with tap water before leaving the house, and refill it wherever we happen to be
  10. Carry our own containers for take-out food and leftoversRequest takeout places use our container instead of their disposable one.

For lots more ideas on how you can go plastic free take a look at 100 steps to a Plastic-Free Life. No one can do it all at once, but we can all get started! 

Let us know what you are doing to help save the planet and go plastic free?

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