The seven deadly sins of website design and development

We look at the seven deadly sins of website design that can effect your business and drive customers away.

1. Frustratingly slow

People prefer to browse fast sites. If your website takes more than a few seconds to load, you will lose visitors and revenue. So, make speed a priority. A faster-loading website will increase your SEO ranking and more time spent on your site.

2. Not responsive

You need to make your site as accessible as possible and optimised to be viewed on any device. A responsive web design allows a site to adapt the size of screen it’s viewed on, whether that’s a smartphone or a laptop.

3. Confusing to navigate

A busy, complex or cluttered layout makes it difficult to find the information you need.

Frustrated prospects don’t buy. So, get rid of superfluous content and other distractions that don’t contribute to your overall message.

4. Poor images

Cliched or low-quality images look unprofessional. Great visual content, on the other hand, attracts viewers and clear, detailed images will enhance your business reputation. Don’t forget that every image should have a file name using descriptive, key words to give your SEO a boost.

5. Difficult to read

Body text that’s too small. Consider larger body text to improve readability, works better from a distance (perhaps your site is being viewed on a smart TV) and it improves visual impact and usability.

6. Hidden contact details

Sometimes contact information is missing or confusing. Make sure a website visitor is clear and specific about what they need to do. Prominently display your address and phone number and make it easy for anyone to contact you by email or a contact form.

7. Out of date content

Keep your site’s content up to date. Visitors also want to see content that is current and relevant a reader is visiting your website because they are looking for useful information

A well-designed website boots business

Make sure your site looks professional, is well organised, contains useful, up to date information and easy to use. Having a responsive, optimised, inviting, user-friendly website will help customers feel confident about your services.

If you want to succeed online with a highly effective website, get in touch with Two Lizards. Please email or call us on 01403 731028.

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