Growing your website organically: Two Lizards’ website SEO and updating programmes

Growing your website organically: Two Lizards’ website SEO and updating programmes

If you want to grow your website traffic month on month, year on year, what is the best way to go about it?

The simple answer is that you need regular additions of relevant and interesting content that will attract and engages visitors to your website, which in turn will build your Google ranking in a ‘perfect circle’. But is that something you are able to commit time to, or is it something you just ‘fit in’ alongside running your business?

A total SEO and website updating service for your business

At Two Lizards we not only provide a complete SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) service with every new website, but also ongoing, regular SEO development and website updating. This enables you to build and capitalise on the initial optimisation, update and expand your site and meet your marketing objectives.

How we build your website with relevant and interesting content

We do this with a regular quarterly review (more if required). Starting with an analysis of your recent website traffic, we make recommendations for the development and inclusion of more or different key words/phrases, creating content that reflects your SEO targets with news features, social media postings, blogs and educational content such as case histories or Q and As.

Two Lizards discuss with you the precise content, including any new photography you want to include and send a draft of all the changes and additions for your approval. Once these are approved we post the new content on your website.

Taking the hard work out of Search Engine Optimisation

This service is particularly popular with busy, ‘second stage’ businesses which need to focus on their day to day work and no longer have time to manage their own marketing. Our understanding of their business, its specialisms, jargon, marketplace and competition gives clients the best of all possible worlds: an outsourced website management service with the attention to detail and commitment of an in-house digital media team.

Our clients also appreciate the fact that our SEO reports, by contrast to the pages of data routinely supplied by many SEO specialists, are clearly presented, charting progress with search terms, page rating and Google ranking, with immediately actionable recommendations for the next step.

If wrapping up your ongoing SEO programme with your website updates and improvements sounds attractive, you can see examples of sites we manage for our clients here and here. Why not start the discussion today?