Best practice in website design and development

As specialists in website development and SEO, we follow the latest trends and best practices to equip our clients with a successful, secure and compliant website.

Current best practices include:

‘Mobile first’ website design

People are increasingly browsing the internet on mobile devices. That’s why Google classes mobile-friendly websites as best practice, and so do we. As web developers, we focus on creating a great mobile experience first, as well as ensuring web pages perform well on all devices.

Secure and legal website design

The websites we design and manage adhere to all UK and EU rules. These include being fully GDPR compliant; being accessible to all users; and having an up-to-date privacy policy and a cookie policy. At Two Lizards we also protect sites with SSL certificates to encrypt personal data, back up sites and update all software and plugins regularly for security.

Combined social media and SEO strategy

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are effective channels to promote and amplify your SEO website content. Fresh, enticing content gets shared and gets more people to visit your website, building your audience and your business.

Focusing on the user experience through brand sentiment

There is now evidence that suggests brand sentiment contributes to search engine visibility as it measures the general attitude consumers have towards your brand or product which can be viewed in a “positive” or “negative” way. So brands with a positive sentiment have customers with strong affinity and positive associations and these customers tend to choose the brand and products over competitors and are more likely to recommend them to others.

So when designing a website focus on the user experience:

  • Social media mentions: so the user can share your content
  • Customer service: Use social media to resolve any issues or provide information
  • Online reviews: Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc provide a platform for rich snippet data.

A website that follows best practice boosts business

Are you looking to upgrade your website based on the best practices we’ve talked about here? If you want to ensure your website is fully up to date and effective, Two Lizards can help. Please contact us or call 01403 731028 for more information.