Emailings and newsletters

True emailingThere is no faster, more cost effective way to build customer relationships than sending engaging and well-planned emailings and newsletters with relevant content. And no faster way to destroy customer relationships than bombarding your lists with emailings or newsletters for the sake of it. With Two Lizards you benefit from our expertise in creating structured, targeted communications that build sales and help to grow your client base.

The right customers, the right messages

Emailings and e-newsletters allow you to be as personal as you want. So you can select and segment your list to make your campaigns as relevant as possible to your audience: for instance creating a series of modules and and varying who receives which ones, based on their profile or previous behaviour.

The joy of automation

Companies new to emailings are often surprised by the degree of automation and the ease of reporting. For example with a trigger campaign an email can be automatically sent as a response to a specific action, or inaction by the client. In terms of reporting, the possibilities are impressive. You can, for example, track customer engagement, see what percentage of your emails are opened on which types of devices and where, geographically, the openers are based. The same technology enables us to drill down into complex data quickly and easily enabling you to see response patterns and target your customers with specific offers that in turn generate more engagement.

Canon Europe emailingTesting makes perfect

We can help you test everything from the subject header or images to offers, short versus longer content … if it’s worth testing, emailing makes it easy and delivers fast results. Results that help you fine tune your strategy as you go, segmenting your list and refining your messages to optimise the results.

An end to end service

Of course, you can do some or all of this yourself, given the time and expertise. Or we can take care of every aspect of your emailing or newsletter programme from the structuring of the campaign and list acquisition (if needed) to the design of your email template, from the writing and design of the individual emailings or newsletters to results analysis. Our aim is to drive signups, minimise unsubscribes and increase the size of your database while also prompting requests for more information or direct sales if relevant.

A creative approach that puts your brand centre stage

In doing this, our starting point is always your brand. Every aspect of your emailing campaign or regular newsletter is an expression of your values, from the tone of the subject header to the signoff. Our aim is simple: to create results-driven campaigns that your customers will enjoy opening every time we email them and which create that perfect circle of interest, loyalty, sales and recommendation.

Whether you have a database on which to build your emailing campaign or newsletter, or you are starting from scratch, why not contact Two Lizards now or call us on 01306 621001. Based in West Sussex, we work across Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, the Home Counties and throughout London.