Press advertising to give your business the edge

Press advertising - ShowerpowerPress advertising campaigns can be worth their weight in gold

Press advertising in newspapers and magazines is still one of the most effective forms of advertising in the UK and it has certain advantages over digital media. Print is a trusted medium, has a longer shelf-life and allows you to target your audience more effectively. Readers also tend to give their undivided attention to magazine and newspaper content, compared to viewing online.

The UK is home to thousands of publications, which offer a great platform for you to promote your business or brand through press advertising, from national newspapers and regional dailies to specialist consumer and trade magazines. We can recommend the right title to target your audience and maximise your budget.

How Two Lizards can help

Pac 'N' Vac press advertisingWith over 25 years’ experience in responsive advertising and a team of trusted specialists from media planners to copywriters, we create effective press advertising for businesses of all sizes and budgets. From direct response press ads to magazine advertorials, our campaigns build brand recognition and generate sales.

  • For one of our clients, Pac n Vac, we created this advertising campaign, combining press ads and advertorials to launch their innovative new vacuum food storage.
  • An advertorial gives you more space to describe your products or service through copy and visual imagery. A full-colour advertorial, like this one we produced for Richmond Oak, allowed us to fully Richmond Oak press adshowcase the company’s bespoke conservatories with stunning photography and engaging, expertly written copy.
  • Even small space ads can be incredibly effective. This ad generated instant sales for our client, ShowerPower.

Alongside digital media, press and print advertising will offer a valuable and measurable extra dimension to your marketing strategy. So, if you’re launching a new product or looking to drive sales, let us craft a compelling advertising campaign that will get you noticed and maximise your ROI.

At Two Lizards we provide a complete press advertising service, including design, copy and production to booking and placing advertisements and advertorials. If you would like to place your first press ad or feel your current advertising could work harder, please email us or call us now on 01306 621001.