Direct Response Press Ads

Direct Response Press Ads

For fast, measurable advertising use direct response press ads

Direct response press ads – which ask the reader to buy or request more information ‘off the page’ by posting a form, ringing a number or clicking to a website – can be worth their weight in gold. A successful direct response print ad can generate mass sales within 24 hours and form the basis of a very successful direct marketing campaign for years to come.

Direct response advertising also has another key advantage:

it is measurable and so allows you not only to calculate the return on your investment, but which publications or websites are pulling in the most customers and, of course, which version of your ad works the best.

These are all good reasons why direct response media appeals to those who like a combination of creativity and numbers. Headlines, for example, can be tested, as can a raft of other variables from the imagery, size of ad, position on the page, the day it is viewed and, of course … the offer. Why do so many ads contain offers of savings or free gifts? Because if they are selected with care, they repay their cost several times over by boosting response and sales.

All this means direct response best practice calls for a combination of creativity, skill and experience, which is why it makes sense to choose Two Lizards for your next (or first) direct response ad campaign. With a thorough ‘sharp end’ direct marketing training and many years of direct response advertising experience, we can start you out with a powerful campaign that pushes all the right buttons, using testing to fine tune it for even better performance. And with our strong brand advertising credentials, you can be sure your direct response advertising will enhance and build your company’s image as well as its recognition.

A one stop shop

From creative concept and production to booking and delivering your direct response advertising, Two Lizards provides a complete and expert direct marketing advertising service. Some examples of our direct response ads includes Pac ‘N ‘Vac and Richmond Oak . Whether you are considering a direct response ad for the first time or feel your current direct response campaigns could be working harder, simply call us on 01306 621001 or email us now for an initial discussion.