Direct mail delivers 12 strong benefits

Mail is a familiar, age-old format, but it’s been out of favour as a marketing medium for years. That’s changing. Direct mail is beginning to feel special again in today’s digital world,  and is becoming increasingly popular with brands and businesses. Let’s consider why.

1. Mail is trusted

People are becoming increasingly suspicious and careful online, which makes it necessary to find other ways to earn customers’ trust. Mail is a reputable, respected communications channels which delivers reassurance in uncertain times.

Today, 87% of consumers trust messages* delivered, compared to 48% for email. So quite simply, words printed on paper – the medium itself can build and maintain trustworthiness. And the more customers trust your brand, the more they are likely to buy from you.

2. Mail has less competition

It is estimated that we are exposed to over 4,000 marketing messages a day. That’s a lot of information to take in. Now compare that to the number of items you receive through your letterbox – one or two a day perhaps? The rarity of mail makes it more highly valued. And less competition means a higher rate of return on your message.

Direct mail - Richmond Oak

Richmond Oak Direct Mail campaign to architects

3. Mail is targeted

Direct mail allows you to target a specific audience in a specific location. This means you can reach households and individuals who will be interested in your product or service and receptive to your message. The more targeted your mailing, the better the response, and this will also save you money and maximise the effectiveness of your marketing.

4. Mail is tactile

The printed nature of mail, the fact that customers can hold and feel the communication in their hands gives mail a level of credibility that few other channels can even approach. This physical experience of touching and opening direct mail can also make it more memorable and sincere. 

5. Mail gets seen

With pay-per-click ads, press or posters, you can never be certain your message will be viewed by your intended audience. With direct mail, you can be confident your interested prospects will see your message because they have to pick it up. If the piece is well-designed and relevant, it will also grab their interest and persuade them to take action. 

6. Mail sticks around and is given more attention

Many of today’s media messages are instantly disposable. You see them once, and then they’re gone. However, people often hold onto their mail and reread the content several times. Addressed advertising mail* stays in the home for an average of 17 days. While 80% of people say they have a special place in their home where they keep brochures, letters with vouchers or interesting mail.

Marketing Radar - Direct Mail

Marketing Radar – Direct Mail

7. Mail is versatile

Mail is a multipurpose medium. Depending on your budget, you can create a simple postcard, a folded self-mailer or an eye-catching shape. There are few limits to size, shape or colour when it comes to direct mail. You could even add aroma or a sample.

8. Mail is cost-effective

Mail is scalable and targetable, which means you have full control of your budget and can reach as few or as many receptive customers as you would like. A smaller audience targeted properly with an effective mail piece can still yield big returns. 

9. Mail is secure and private

Mail is not open to online exposure; and your competitors won’t know about your campaign or promotion until it has been delivered.

10. Mail impresses

Mail conveys a sense of importance and value. A well-designed, branded mail piece is more likely to impress recipients compared to a simple email or Facebook post. Recipients will be aware of the time, effort and investment that goes into creating and sending a direct mail communication.

Marketing Radar - Brochure

Marketing Radar – Brochure

11. Mail is proactive

Mail doesn’t require potential customers to search for you online. Of course, they might find your website, but they will also find your competitors. Direct mail also educates and entices consumers about products or services they might not even have considered. 

A recent study* found that 40% of consumers had tried a new business for the first time because of information received through direct mail. It also found that nearly 70% had renewed a relationship with a business after a period of time because they received a direct mailing or promotional item in the post.

12. Mail drives response and profit

Customers are more likely to respond to mail, according to the IPA TouchPoints survey*, whether that is driving enquiries online or by phone, encouraging store visits, or making a purchase.

Gain the direct mail advantage

Direct Mail won’t get caught in a spam filter or overlooked in a crowded inbox. It will get noticed and engage a customer’s full attention; and make them feel appreciated and valued. That’s why in an increasingly cluttered media landscape, ‘real world’ mail is growing in importance.

If you really want your message to read and believed, then mail is almost certainly the way to deliver it. And if you want your customers to respond in a profitable way to your communications you should seriously consider mail as part of your marketing mix.

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Add Direct Mail to your marketing mix and get the results you need

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