Direct Mail

Using direct mail to target your best prospects

If you have been considering direct mail for your business or you already do direct mail advertising and want to improve your results, you couldn’t pick a better agency than Two Lizards. Not only are our roots in direct marketing, with a range of direct marketing skills from design and copywriting to database development and management, direct mail production and fulfilment, but the agency is led by a thoroughly skilled, experienced UK and international award-winning team.

Does direct mail work?

Yes, it does but it is a highly specialist medium and results are dependent on the quality of the mailing list, timing, budget, offers and incentives, the quality of the creative ideas and execution and the ability to deliver and follow up on results. If your current agency isn’t a specialist, think again. For more benefits on using direct mail click here>

Does direct mail work for business to business?

Most certainly. And there is evidence that quality b2b is enjoying a resurgence because it can often grab the attention of decisionmakers who are increasingly difficult to reach via digital marketing alone.

Two Lizards will help you through every stage of your campaign. We will put together your direct mail timeline, discuss your proposition and target market, help you create a quality direct mail brief with an appropriate budget (including an analysis of potential return on investment) and work with you on a creative execution that not only makes full use of our skills in response-driven advertising but reflects and enhances your brand.

Where relevant we link direct mail to digital marketing – an extremely powerful combination that enables your campaign to reach the biggest possible audience.

Direct mail is not a one-off activity

Direct mail that works will generate or enhance your database. Our database analysis services will help you gain a clearer picture of your best prospects and customers while our segmentation skills will enable you to target different groups within your database with messages and offers that will generate an even bigger response.

Most important, our combination of sound strategic skills and creativity ensures you get the very best value from your direct mail budget, whether you are putting a toe in the water with a postcard mailing or a full scale direct mail pack.

Take a look at some examples of some of our direct mail campaigns, Richmond Oak and Marketing Radar, then contact us now or call us on 01306 621001 to discuss what you would like to achieve and we’ll take it from there.