Database building and management

The hidden profit in your business with database building and management

Whether you want to start with database basics, are looking to build a small or medium sized business database or define and refine an existing database to make it work harder, you have definitely come to the right place.

Two Lizards’ roots are in direct marketing and database marketing is something we passionately believe in because no other marketing medium touches it for precision, return on investment and payback in terms of customer insight.

If you are completely new to database building or database management, we will leave the geekspeak behind, sit down with you and discuss what you want to achieve before creating an achievable, step by step database strategy for your business. This will start with database building and lead to a database management system you can either take over yourself or have managed for you, depending on your resources.

If you feel your existing database marketing could be improved, we will examine your technologies to find out how they can be better used to provide insights into your clients’ behaviours and convert those insights into profit. In the longer term, we can help you identify strategies that drive long term value and help you find and develop relationships with more of the right type of customers.

Our database building and management service is supported by a number of highly competent and experienced partners, including Neal Rimay-Muranyi at Anaylin, all of whom are senior practitioners and names in their own right. Through them, we can give you access to consumer and business to business mailing and emailing lists as well as a broad range of services including customer profiling, database management, mailing list cleansing and much more.

To get started, simply email us now or call us on 01306 621001 and we will arrange an informal discussion of your requirements.