Email Templates

Thomas-Miller-Group-email-templateDon’t underestimate the potential of emailings just because your inbox happens to be full of communications you don’t want to read from companies you don’t know. With a great email template for your campaign or your regular customer newsletter you are taking advantage of a really cost-effective, personal and responsive medium. And by working with Two Lizards you get the added benefit of inspired design and a sales-driven approach.

Making the most of this unique medium

An email template doesn’t have to look like a traditional email (thank goodness). Or a letter, poster or, in fact, anything else. This is a unique medium combining the person-to-person intimacy of direct marketing, the visual impact of printed material and the speed and flexibility of digital media. It can be as short or long as you want, designed in vibrant colour or impactful black and white. It can lead with a question, offer, update, opinion … whatever you want it to do. By working with Two Lizards you can be sure of a design approach that’s not only right for your very specific audience, but engages them and prompts a response.

Your branding as the creative key

All great email templates have strong branding in common and yours will be no exception. And by branding we mean not just a logo at the top and a nod to your corporate colours and typeface, but a design and copy approach that reflects your brand in every aspect of the template and helps to drive the message and content. In this way, every emailing from you has the authority of your brand behind it.

Getting to the point and pointing to the next step

Even more than with direct mail, your readers are usually in a hurry as they skim their emails. Is yours obviously worth checking out? If not, they are on the next email or back to the task they were working on. The header and headline are crucial and we ensure these are right, testing them for responsiveness before they go out. We also design your emailing template so it is as easy as possible for your customers to say ‘Yes – tell me more’, ‘Call me back’ or whatever is your desired response, by taking them direct to your Contact page, data collection form or telesales number.

The advantage of one-to-one communication

Like direct mail letters, an emailing replaces the sales person: there’s just your communication and the person who’s looking at it. With an emailing or newsletter, you can afford to get up close and personal when the subject warrants it, with engaging design, internal links, a warm signoff. If quirky is part of your brand you can give it full rein in an emailing. They are personal in another way too. Emailing technology allows us to select and target individuals with considerable accuracy, segmenting your audience and addressing them with subject lines, messages, offers and calls to action based on what we know about their previous behaviour.

Building email templates that build loyalty

If we have one golden rule, it’s this. We design emailing templates to be engaging and enjoyable to read, whether that is because they provide relevant, valuable information, always include offers worth having or are simply amusing and diverting. So whether your emailing template is for a short or longer campaign, or the first in an ongoing series of customer newsletters, we design them to be a welcome addition to your readers’ day. Because that way, almost anything is possible.

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