We write copy that gets the best possible response from each element of your advertising campaigns

At Two Lizards we have always appreciated the value of good quality copywriting and it is at the heart of our creative approach. We are unusual in having a highly experienced award-winning copywriter as part of our team (rather than hiring in copywriting when needed) and have an exceptional portfolio of copywriting across a wide variety of platforms from press, direct and digital to social media. We believe our reputation for excellence in copy is as much down to our agency ethos as the process of writing itself.

We take time to listen

We listen what you are trying to achieve with your company, your feelings about your brand, your competitors, the way you want to talk to your clients

We care about getting your brand right – the tone of voice, the choice of words. We carry on listening to you as we build your brand from one campaign and one year to the next.

Our breadth of experience means we know how your marketplace works, the buttons to press. This translates into copy that shapes and builds on your brand, that gets the best possible response from each element of your advertising campaigns.

One area of special copywriting expertise is large scale marketing websites. We think we’re particularly good at turning a mass of information into a clear, engaging website with fast, sales-orientated navigation.

With our direct marketing background we’re strong on the all-important call to action – persuading your customers to click on the link, pick up the phone, complete the contact form (and what we don’t know about contact forms isn’t worth knowing).

You can trust us with the regulatory stuff too

This includes the data protection, the terms and conditions. We take trouble over this so you don’t have to.

Perhaps most important of all to our copywriting process: we care. We’re not happy with your copy until you are and we never stop until we are satisfied with the quality and accuracy of your copy from start to finish.

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