Theo Alexander

Pre Loved Performance Luxury Cars

Theo Alexander

Project Background

Theo Alexander is a new family-run business, specialising in selling preloved luxury performance cars.

The brief was to produce a strong brand identity for  a very competitive market and the primary brand of cars to be sold via the website and Autotrader was Porsche.

So, the Two Lizards team was brought on board to help them develop their brand and provide a brand tone and voice for the fully optimised website copy. Our experience in brand design and development and SEO copywriting  meant we had all the skills they needed, and we worked closely with them at every stage of the project.

Theo Alexander

Our Solution

The creative team developed the Theo Alexander logo and brand identity which translated across all media and that would appeal to their target audience of specialist, elite used car enthusiasts. Two Lizards paid particular attention to the clients request to have a logo that was simple but conveyed class, performance and unrivalled customer service. By taking the origins of luxury car brands, we then created a design that reflected all these elements.

The copy for the website was written to reflect the customer-focused service and the family-driven ethos of the client.