The Racehorse Sanctuary

A charity that is dedicated to giving ex-racehorses a safe haven and a second chance at a new life after racing.

The Racehorse Sanctuary

Project Background

The Racehorse Sanctuary & Rehoming Centre is based in Pulborough, West Sussex. When racehorses retire, they can face an uncertain future. That’s why The Centre is dedicated to giving them a safe haven and a second chance of a new life after racing.

The main aim of the charity is to retrain many of the former racehorses that come into their care, so they can begin new rewarding careers as eventers, show jumpers, happy hackers or loved companions in their new forever home.

Their website was outdated and required a focused and co-ordinated approach on regular giving.

So, Two Lizards was asked to review the existing website, and then redesign and build it to make it easy to navigate and provide a better user experience to boost rankings and attract new donors. The website needed to clearly demonstrate the work that the Racehorse Sanctuary and Rehoming centre does for ex-racehorses and the difference that regular support can make.

The Racehorse Sanctuary

Our Solution

As well as our design, web development expertise and copywriting skills, Two Lizards was hired for our knowledge of digital marketing strategies for charitable organisations. This enabled us to create an insightful and appropriate marketing strategy for the charity.

The Two Lizards team refreshed the brand look and feel and edited the copy to provide empathy but with a clear rationale on why regular giving was so important. The result was a modern, easy to navigate website which made it easy to donate with one click at every stage of the user journey.

To generate traffic, engagement and giving we are continually adding relevant content in the form of blogs and news to inspire supporters and connect with them via Facebook, Instagram, and email marketing.