The French Soap Store

Traditional French soaps from Provence

The French Soap Store

Project Background

The French Soap Store is a fledgling new business, specialising in selling traditional French soaps sourced from Provence across the UK.

With the covid-19 pandemic forcing their usual retail outlets to close or be unavailable, the brief was to produce a strong brand identity and an eye-catching, fully responsive e-commerce website – as quickly as possible.

So, the Two Lizards team was brought on board to help them develop their brand and design, build and host the e-commerce website. Our experience in brand design, SEO expertise and website development meant we had all the skills they needed, and we worked closely with them at every stage of the project.


Our Solution

The creative team developed their logo and brand identity, including photography and copy which translated into an e-commerce website design that would appeal to their target audience of discerning gift-buyers and lovers of natural products.

By choosing an ‘exact match domain’ name, in other words, their brand name and domain name were the same, meant that the search engines were able to pick the site up almost immediately, once launched. Also, having their targeted, relevant keywords (Natural French soap, French Market soap etc) throughout the copy content is going to be key to the sites ranking success moving forward.

We’ve designed the site to create a direct and positive UX and UI experience, categorising the soap bars and making it easy for the customer to select their preferred options and take advantage of offers. Plus a clear and easy checkout facility.

The website was developed to have the latest search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques so it will start to show up in a variety of popular search results, be fully responsive and able to generate sales from any device.