Pole Structural Engineers

Structural engineering advice and reports for anyone buying or selling a property

Pole Structural Engineers

Project Background

Pole Structural Engineers provide structural engineering advice and structural reports for anyone buying or selling a property in London and Surrey.

Pole’s market is very specialised and their focus is on delivering a structural engineers report in detail quickly, due to the time sensitive nature of property transactions, whilst providing support and peace of mind during what is usually a very stressful experience.

Pole structural engineers

Our Solution

Pole’s existing website was dated and not responsive so Two Lizards were asked, with our experience in SEO and website design and build, to use the existing brand guidelines to develop a new responsive, optimised (SEO) website to improve their brand presence and website ranking.

The main focus was on structural engineers’ reports with structural design as a secondary element of their business. Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach that makes web pages render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes from minimum to maximum display size to ensure viewer usability and satisfaction. RWD is an important part of website development as the majority of website visitors use their mobiles to access websites. A well-designed website from a UX and UI experience is one that attracts and retains the right visitors providing useful, up to date content and easy navigation.

As well as considering search terms suggested by Google, we discussed the clients’ views on the type of searches they thought their customers were using. We looked at what was working for Pole’s competitors and then we analysed the preferred geographical reach and potential reach of their business, which in Pole’s case was within a 50 mile radius of their offices.

Finally, we made recommendations for building into their website a finite number of key words and search terms which we would monitor and analyse on an ongoing basis to improve page ranking on Google. The content was written around these agreed recommendations and the site was built to provide a fast and modern user experience.