Photography can make or break pretty much any promotion. While we may not consciously judge the quality of a photograph, we all have rapid subconscious responses to what we see. This isn’t surprising. We are surrounded by photography in every aspect our lives from selfies to street posters. We can tell a lot at a glance: whether a photo has been staged or snapped, is edited or natural, what it is trying to say to us.

While most of us can take a photo, advertising and marketing photography requires a great deal of expertise and experience. Fashion or beauty advertising photography that’s right for twenty-something women won’t give the right messages to over fifties. An advertising image of a room intended to convey subtle elegance would be very differently arranged, propped, art directed and edited from one that’s all about bling.


Two Lizards has exceptional experience in every aspect of advertising and marketing photography from fashion to financial services, including plenty of specialist expertise in B2B (business to business) advertising imagery. Not only do we understand the value of the medium but we know how to get the most out of it. Whether you need new, original images or simply want a selection of stock (library) photography that will work for your business, we provide the right solution, on brand and on budget.


Our approach to advertising and promotional photography is practical and effective. We discuss with you any photography you may already have, select the most effective images and enhance them if needed. If new photography is needed we commission and art direct it, using one of our own trusted and experienced photographers. And if stock photography is the most pragmatic solution, we help you to make a selection from one of the major libraries, guiding you to the right sections and giving you help in choosing the most appropriate style of images for the project in hand.


As with all Two Lizards work, we set the very highest creative standards, no matter how big or small the job. Whether we are editing one of your photos or making a selection of the best photography from a photo shoot, we use our experience and judgement to deliver the best.

From sliders of photos for the home page of your website to crisply brilliant photography for your latest direct mail campaign, Two Lizards uses photography to show your business and your brand in the very best light.

You can see examples of our approach to advertising photography here and for more information and an informal chat, why not contact us now?