Low-cost digital marketing ideas

Do you want to gain maximum reach for minimal investment? Here are some low-cost digital marketing ideas to boost your business.

Start with social media. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter offer exposure to your target audience every day. Posting and updating your pages regularly is important otherwise they’ll look stale which will reflect poorly on your business.

  1. Win fans on Facebook

Create a compelling Facebook for your business. Remember to include essential contact information, such as phone number, address, email and opening times as well as a company overview. Write regular status updates and engage with your readers when they leave comments.

  1. Take to Twitter

Use your Twitter profile to tweet news and anything related to your industry that your customers might find interesting. Join in group discussions with relevant hashtags too. You can be more playful on Twitter, compared to a business-focused platform like Linkedin. If you are B2B, LinkedIn is the best place to target key decision makers and drive traffic to your site. Company Pages are free for everyone – learn how to get started here. 

  1. Inspire with Instagram

Instagram can be an effective social platform if you’re a business that can produce strong, visually appealing images. Post photos and run contests to build your audience and drive engagement.

  1. Persuade with Pinterest

Get your products discovered on Pinterest too. Every pin (image) links back to the original source, so Pinterest can be a great source of referral traffic.

Don’t forget to support your social channels on your website. Display the social icons where customers can clearly see them; and they’ll also boost your credibility.

  1. Engage with email

Email marketing is used by 82% of companies and brings in £44 for every £1 spent. It’s fast, cheap and highly effective, generating immediate results and visits to your website. Read about some of the types of email you could send.

  1. Begin a blog

Integrate a blog into your website. A blog is a great way to share your expertise and keep information on your site up-to-date. All search engines like updated content, so post regularly to boost your SEO.

  1. Add value with video

Whether it’s a ‘before and after’ experience or showcasing a new product, video can attract new visitors and make your site more engaging. Entry costs have come down, so try adding a well-constructed video to your website or Facebook page and see how it works for you.

  1. Place ads online

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is measurable and highly targeted. You only pay a fee when your ad is clicked by a visitor.

  1. List your business

Website directories are a popular way to search for local businesses and can be a powerful source of traffic and trust for yours. Just make sure your target audience is likely to visit the site before listing your business.

  1. Get on Google Maps

You’ll have noticed when you search for anything tangible, Google brings up a map on page one with local suppliers – you could be there. Google allows you to update and control how your business is displayed for both the search engine and Google Maps. Creating an account is free, just sign up and verify your business at google.com.

Like a helping hand? We can offer practical advice on all kinds of digital marketing solutions – get in touch today. For practical advice on low-cost digital marketing, contact us online now or call 01403 731028.

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