Keep calm and carry on marketing

In times of crisis, marketing still matters. If your brand is quarantined, use this downtime to get ready for the recovery. Start on those marketing projects that have been on the back burner and think of ways you could support your customers through these difficult times too. So our advice is to keep calm and carry on marketing.

Keep in contact

Out of sight means out of mind. So, if your customers are used to hearing from you by email or social media, do stay in touch with them. Just make sure your messages are relevant, respectful and reassuring. Let customers know how your business is adapting to the new situation and be ready to answer any concerns or questions they might have.

Spring clean your website

Go through your website and other online platforms and see if any details and links need updating. Optimise with the latest keywords and cut the clutter to help customers quickly find what they need.

Create new content

Think about what you could new content you could create to get attention and boost your brand. How about writing an opinion piece, a step by step guide or an ebook? Or give video a go. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Keep it simple. A short monologue telling your story, or a ‘how to’ video sharing your knowledge, perhaps? Record in natural light (avoid being backlit and shoot close up in landscape format. Just be honest and straightforward and chat like you would in person.

Find and fix gaps

A crisis is also an opportunity to re-evaluate and find new ways to strengthen your brand and business. Now’s the time to be creative and address any gaps in your positioning, your service or your ability to inspire customers.

As Mark Ritson wrote in Marketing Week: “Keep the brand light burning, because the cost of snuffing it out for the rest of 2020 and then trying to reignite it next year is gigantic.”

Hang in there. Take care of yourself and your business. And if you need any help, please give us a call.