International Women’s Day

Two Lizards celebrate International Women’s Day with a few thoughts

On International Women’s Day we want to celebrate those forward thinking brands and businesses that are challenging outdated gender stereotypes. Like these six ads featured in Campaign today.

Gender stereotypes have been the norm in advertising, but audiences are increasingly finding them offensive, annoying or even potentially harmful.

PepsiCo was heavily criticised recently when it came out they were mulling a new version of Doritos aimed only at women. BIC was also ridiculed for making pink pens that were comfortable for women.

That’s why many marketers are now coming up with better ways of reflecting the lifestyles and attitudes of today’s consumers.

Last year, Unilever vowed to purge female stereotypes from ads across the company’s 400 brands. While Procter & Gamble (P&G) has also launched a campaign dubbed “#WeSeeEqual” to advocate gender equality

And the Advertising Standards Association (ASA) is soon to be introducing new rules around gender stereotyping after it found advertising affects people’s expectations of how others should “look or behave” according to their gender.

So, make sure you’re not stuck in the “pink aisle.” It’s time to check that your marketing campaigns are gender-friendly and inclusive; and not perpetuating sexist stereotypes.

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