Health and wellbeing marketing trends to pep up your business

Sales in the health and wellbeing sectors are rocketing as increasing numbers of consumers desire to ‘live well’. Statista reports that the UK’s wellness market rose to £23.4bn last year, with British consumers forecast to spend £487 per head every year on “wellness”. This growth is leading many businesses to consider how they can reflect the trend in their marketing strategies.

At Two Lizards, we not only optimise websites for clinics and therapists and create marketing campaigns for salons, we’re also incorporating the wellness culture into our clients’ content marketing strategies. From promoting healthier homes for a top London interior designer to writing articles on nutritional therapy for a leading clinic.

Here are three wellbeing trends that could be a potential topic for your brand or business:

A good night’s sleep

Improving sleep is a hot topic, with many new books being published on the subject. At Two Lizards, we recently promoted a mattress brand in the hospitality sector by positioning it as enhancing sleep and profitability. A fantastic night’s sleep wins repeat bookings and five-star reviews. For another client, a bespoke furniture maker, we positioned fitted wardrobes as being vital for a soothing sanctuary and restful sleep.

Simplicity wins

In reaction to information overload and busy lives, consumers are seeking simplicity and ease. Decluttering to reduce stress is a key wellness trend that we’ve tapped into for clients, such as content for a top London interior designer. The trend has also led to requests from businesses to streamline their websites. Two Lizards recently designed a new website for Wines Select, as their old site had become too big and cluttered as their business expanded. The new site is now much simpler, faster and easier to navigate.

Mind matters

More marketers are beginning to focus on mental wellness, from a new fashion brand with mental health at its heart to Virgin Trains running a campaign to encourage calmness through the travel journey. For our client The Forge Clinic we focus on producing content that emphasises emotional wellbeing just as much as physical health. Even this year’s Festival of Marketing in October will feature a Headline session on mental health, chaired by Dr Pixie McKenna and joined by Mary Portas, Kem Cetinay and Fearne Cotton, who has created her own mindfulness brand ‘Happy Place’.

Wellness, which refers to physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being is a trend which is set to grow across multiple industries including food and beverage, travel, property and more.

How will it affect your marketing strategy?

For more advice on how to pep up your business contact Two Lizards or call us on 01403 731028 we will be happy to discuss things further.

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