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The ‘designer baby’ market is already highly competitive with a range of players from niche boutique websites to major retailers targeting young, fashion-conscious parents. This group demands newborn toys, nursery décor and accessories that work with the pared-back look of their homes. Our client’s proposition was a boutique online store but with a friendlier, happier vibe, that would welcome dads as well as mums. The client, a fashion retail buyer by background, also has strong social media skills and already had her followers primed for the launch.


With a key supplier needing the reassurance of a web presence before they would commit to a working relationship with Daisies & Dinosaurs, the client asked Two Lizards to create a full e-commerce website to an exceptionally tight schedule. Another important objective was that the new website also needed to differentiate itself in what is a niche but competitive marketplace, not only of other boutique online stores but major retailers. As Daisies & Dinosaurs was a new company, there was an opportunity to create a brand that would set the company apart from the competition in terms of its proposition, look and tone of voice.


We worked to develop the Daisies & Dinosaurs name and logo into a fully fledged brand, creating a modern, fun visual style and tone of voice to reflect the audience. A strapline ‘Love & Play’ builds on this theme creating a platform for a range of communications. Our analysis of the marketplace showed that competitor sites were in general not effectively optimised, presenting a significant opportunity for our client.

Our initial SEO research enabled us to focus on a number of search terms and key words where we felt Daisies & Dinosaurs could achieve quality ranking. These are featured in the copy and as meta tags throughout the site. In order to meet the tight deadline for the website launch, we created a schedule that got the product and ordering detail uploaded at the earliest opportunity while simultaneously working on getting the landing pages and ‘back end’ legal and information content right. For the launch an offer of 10% off was made through social media to kickstart sales and spread the word about the new company among its target audience.


The site was up and running on time and is already attracting a healthy volume of sales. The client is delighted to have launched not just a business but a brand, and her active promotion through social media is ensuring plenty of site traffic during the launch period.

With the growth in the ‘designer baby’ market showing no signs of slowing down, helped by the increasing popularity of Baby Showers, Daisies & Dinosaurs is perfectly positioned to service this niche sector. By focusing on a small number of key search terms and key words we will be able to analyse and build on their effectiveness as soon as meaningful SERPS data is available.