8 essential tips for successful exhibition design

Your exhibition stand is like your shop window, showcasing your business and inviting people in. You only have seconds to grab someone’s attention, so an eye-catching display is vital, especially when you’re competing with so many other exhibitors. So how do you make sure your exhibition design stands out?

  1. Use high quality, striking images

Images play a key role in any exhibition stand design. Bold, impactful graphics will get your stand noticed from afar. Only use high-resolution images as low-resolution ones will look blurry and unprofessional; and the lack of definition will make your sales message harder to see and read. Also, be wary of using stock library photography in case another stand uses exactly the same image as you. Bespoke images strengthen your brand, sales message and help potential customers recognize your product and services.

  1. Go large

If your budget won’t stretch to custom-sized graphics that are made to fit your stand, have simple graphics printed as large as possible. Small images on a large stand will look inadequate, cheap but most of all won’t convey the product/service proposition clearly. Text also needs to be large and legible so it can be quickly and easily read from a distance.

  1. Keep it simple

The adage ‘less is more’ is very appropriate to exhibition stand design. Attendees won’t have time to read a lot of information. So, limit the amount of text you use and make sure your messaging is as clear and concise as possible. Using take one leaflets and ‘give aways’ means that your sales message goes with the customer even if they haven’t had much time to spend at the exhibition stand.

  1. Use the full height of your space

Use the top half of your stand for the key message you most want to communicate. Information at the bottom won’t get seen if your stand has a lot of visitors.

  1. Be logical

Make sure your advertising message flows. People generally read from left to right and top to bottom so consider this when designing the layout of your signage.

  1. Proof read

Double check spelling, grammar and punctuation. There’s nothing worse than an error in huge letters. Any mistakes will make you look incompetent.

  1. Illuminate your display

Lighting enhances text and graphics, creates atmosphere and highlights key aspects of your product and service you want to bring attention to.

  1. Add your contact details

Don’t forget to display your contact details, website address and social media icons so people can keep in touch easily.

Once you’ve created a great exhibition stand, your next challenge is to make sure as many people visit it. So, don’t miss our next blog post: How to attract visitors to your exhibition stand.

Planning an exhibition stand? Get expert help for an eye-catching display

Two Lizards can work with you to create exciting and effective design for your exhibition stand. Get in touch today and contact Two Lizards online or give us a call on 01403 731028.

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