10 quick marketing ideas for December

Christmas is approaching fast and here’s a parcel of last-minute, quick marketing ideas to incorporate the festive spirit into your marketing and keep you connected with your audience.

1. Offer a free gift

Make it useful, thoughtful and meaningful and it will continue to be appreciated beyond the Christmas season. How about an eBook, one of your products or a free trial of one of your services?

2. Send a festive email

Incorporate Christmas into your email marketing. You could promote a seasonal offer, let people know your Christmas opening times or simply send your best wishes.

3. Share your fun side

Post photos of your team in their Christmas jumpers or record a short video message. Display your company’s festive personality on social media too by decorating your profile pictures and cover images.

4. Send an end of year newsletter

Give a summary of your highlights and achievements. Or a recap of the great content you created with links to the articles so people can easily read more.

5. Post a forecast

Grab attention with content surrounding next year’s trends and predictions. Or survey your clients for their business predictions and plans and publish the results.

6. Show your appreciation

Thank your customers. This could simply be a well-written heartfelt email with a personalised message. Another idea is to profile some of your top customers on your blog and feature details of their business and how you’ve worked together.

7. Run a competition

Create a game like Hunt the Parcel on your website to drive traffic and engage prospect. Or let people enter with a simple ‘comment for a chance to win’. Prizes could link to a sale, such as a discount, or be something like a bottle of wine – it doesn’t need to be extravagant.

8. Be helpful

Compile a handy checklist of things your customers could do to have a great end to the year or start the new year well. Or how about staging a series of useful content by releasing a digital Advent calendar with a handy tip or video clip behind every door?

9. Preview your plans

Give your audience a sneak peak of what your company has in store for 2020. Talk about your goals so that potential customers know you’re aiming for an even more successful year.

10. Give something back

Christmas is a time of giving, so pick your favourite cause and set up a donation scheme that works when people engage with your business. For instance, you could send an email to your subscribers and let them know that for everyone who clicks on the link, you will donate an amount (say £1) to your chosen charity.

Get in touch with us today if you’d like a little help with your Christmas marketing.