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The advantages of working with a small advertising and marketing agency like Two Lizards

Big ad agencies are not keeping up with the needs of businesses and brands, according to a report* from UK market intelligence firm Creativebrief. They are seeing a move towards smaller, boutique creative agencies that can work more closely with businesses to achieve their goals.

KFC’s global CMO Jennelle Tilling said brands haven’t got time to wait weeks for an advertising idea: “The pace and turnaround is so much faster.” Paul Davies, Microsoft agreed, saying that it’s all about speedy publishing today. “We need the talent and creativity of agencies… but without the layers and expense.”

So let’s look at the advantages of working with a small advertising and marketing agency like Two Lizards, and how we’re challenging the big boys.

Fast and flexible

As commercial pressures increase, being able to turn things around fast is a huge selling point for us. As a small advertising and marketing agency we can become like an extension of your company, reacting quickly to changes and new opportunities as they arise.


This doesn’t mean less quality. We simply employ fewer people, hire the best people for the job when needed and have far lower overheads, and this is reflected in our price. In this way you can benefit from big agency talent at a fraction of the cost.

Personal and responsive

With an advertising and marketing agency like Two Lizards you’ll only ever talk to someone who knows you and understands your business. And you won’t need to fit in with the structured process of a big agency, as we can provide the type of service that meets your exact needs, not ours.

Thinking small can make a big difference

Find out more about the advantages of working with Two Lizards here. Or why not simply give us a call on 01403 731028 or email We’d love to hear from you.

*Agency report 25 May 2017

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