SEO for organic growth: Two Lizards’ SEO and websites update programmes

SEO for organic growth: Two Lizards’ SEO and websites update programmes

What is the best way to grow your website traffic organically? How do you create the content that will attract visitors and help you maximise your Google ranking?

In a previous blog we talked about Keywords Commonsense and how our experienced and intuitive keyword research ensures your new website is not only fully optimised, but provides you with a firm foundation for organic growth.

But what happens next? What is the best way to continue the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) process once your website has gone live?

Unusually, Two Lizards provides ongoing SEO programmes that not only take care of your regular site updates and news, but build your content around your SEO objectives through relevant additional content, blogs and other features created to attract the right audience, keep them interested and encourage them to contact you.

There is a reason why this type of service is not widely available. For a third party to develop your website in the right tone of voice and be seamlessly on brand demands a close understanding of your business and your values. To carry on doing so month after month – sometimes for several years – requires creativity and a proactive approach.

These are precisely the qualities that make it right for us. We have always enjoyed getting to know our clients’ businesses from the inside, understanding their sector, their competitors and their ambitions. In terms of website copy, content and design we help them develop a brand and voice which reflects their heritage and aspirations and ensure every aspect of their website is consistent. And we create news, blogs, offers and social media communications that draw in and engage new customers.

Two Lizards also understand that when it comes to SEO reports clients do not want pages of incomprehensible data and geekspeak. They want clearly presented information that provides a way forward. So all our SEO reports are tailored to our clients’ requirements and not only give an analysis of Google ranking, search terms and page rankings but also include a list of suggested improvements and developments to the website which can be actioned along with other updates.

Our experience and commitment to SEO, not just when a website is first built but going forward into the future has won us numerous new clients, many of whom have turned to us with relief after the smoke and mirrors of the average Search Engine Optimisation service.

Could your business benefit from Two Lizards’ unique SEO and traffic-building experience and expertise? A phone call to 01403 731028 is all it takes to discuss your requirements and ambitions for your business. Or contact us now and we will get back to you.