Letterbox love: the attraction of door drops

In our last post we talked about the resurgence of print media including door drop marketing. It might surprise you to know that, according to a recent article from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), door drops are at the heart of British business.

Door drops are one the most effective forms of advertising for companies like Specsavers, which uses them to drive in-store footfall, and Costco Wholesale, which uses door drops to launch new warehouses.

Door drops, or unaddressed mail, quickly put you in the hands of your target audience and make you stand out. They are also shown to inspire the most brand recollection – 88% compared to 36% for internet adverts*.

Reach the right people in the right place

You can reach your ideal customers by targeting a specific geographical area, which could be as local as a few streets in your town. This is a real advantage if you want to break into a new market, promote a local offer or deliver important information to residents.

Put your message in the heart of the home

Door drops get your message noticed, read, shared and most importantly kept. Royal Mail research reveals that 92% of people read door drops and keep them for an average of 38 days. 70% also visit a company’s website to find out more after receiving a door drop*.

Door drops can bring in valuable new business

If you are interested in the potential of door drop marketing for your business, please contact us or call 01403 731028 today.

*Royal Mail research

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