Email Marketing – 10 reasons to email your customers

So they have given you their email address… now what do you send your subscribers to make them feel valued?


Make a great first impression and thank new customers for signing up. This email is also the perfect opportunity to remind them of the benefits you offer.


Send a discount, coupon code or other special offer to show your appreciation and drive sales. Make it clear and concise with a sense of urgency so customers feel compelled to act quickly.


Keep your customers interested in your business with relevant and important news and helpful information. You can boost web traffic by including a recap of your recent blog posts, with links. If something catches their eye, they’ll click through.


Whenever you’re launching a new product or service or announcing an event or new team member, send a simple email to your subscribers to let them know and make them feel special. They’ll appreciate being the first ones to hear about it.


Offer handy tips on how to use a product you offer or make the most from a service you provide. This kind of advice email will help to establish you as a go-to source of information.


Showcase a few quotes from happy customers to reinforce your reputation. Add a link to more testimonials or case studies too.


Ask for feedback through a short survey and collect useful information to help you improve your business.


There are lots of public holidays and anniversaries you could celebrate with an email. Wish your subscribers a Happy New Year, Happy Easter, or even a Happy Birthday, if you know the actual date. Or why not create your own special day, such as the anniversary of your business?


Do you have a particular product or service you’re trying to push as you head into a new season? Email makes it easy to encourage your customers to take action.

Win back

Inactive customer? Send them a friendly “We miss you” message.

Now make email marketing work for you

Email marketing is one of the most personal and powerful ways to connect with your customers. At Two Lizards our email marketing service includes design, delivery and reporting, and can be tailored to suit your budget and needs. To find out more contact us online now or call 01403 731028. Two Lizards is based in West Sussex and delivers Advertising and Marketing projects for clients across Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, the Home Counties and throughout London.

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